3D paving comes to India

Chapter 1: Introduction

Author: Amit Kumar, December 2016

Situated in India’s northern frontier, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is world-renowned for its aesthetic vistas and captivating landscapes. The arterial roads connecting Jammu to Srinagar is a challenge to maintain, being constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and over-burdened with vehicular movement.

The Chenani-Nashri tunnel project is India’s longest tunnel road project and will serve as an alternate route to the existing road network between these two regions.

This project is part of a $723 million USD initiative by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) connecting Jammu to Srinagar. Spanning 9 kilometers end to end, this prestigious venture will shorten the travel distance from Chenani to Nashri by 31 km and reducing travel time by two hours.

This project, partly undertaken by New India Structures Pvt. Ltd. (NIS), has special significance as the first of its kind to adopt 3D paving technology for concrete paving operations in India. When completed, the two-line, bi-directional traffic tunnel will be an all-weather, alternative road that will offer safe and uninterrupted passage to travellers throughout the year.

Story: 3D paving comes to India
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Addressing challenges with Leica’s PaveSmart 3D system
Chapter 3: Delivering cost-efficient precise surfaces
Chapter 4: A brighter future for Indian road industry

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