Leica FlightPro Flight Management & Control System

Make every survey flight a success

Leica FlightPro Flight Management and Control System

Leica FlightPro is a state of the art flight management and sensor control system that makes survey flights more effective and effortless for Leica Geosystems airborne sensors. Flight guidance, sensor configuration and release, system monitoring and logging are part of an integrated and complete system that increases productivity. The in-flight sensor and system quality control features cut data acquisition cost.

The optimized workflow loop from flight planning to flight execution to flight evaluation and then again to planning shortens projects and generates reliable project feedback. The consistent design and combination of hardware components and the software user interface across all sensors systems makes users more productive and ensures consistent acquisition.

Leica FlightPro

Contacter Leica Geosystems

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Une question ? Vous souhaitez voir une démonstration ?