Leica Aibot skyCAPP

Professional flight execution app for highest safety for UAV operations

UAV sensor

Leica Aibot skyCAPP is designed for optimal control of the Leica Aibot UAV platform during flight execution. Manage the mission and automatically capture data according to pre-set flight plans. Primary and secondary screen views allow pilots to switch between real-time streaming of two on-board cameras and a map view. Seamlessly pause and resume missions, manage battery life safely and easily switch between camera and video mode so you can focus on flying the UAV.

Aibot skyCAPP improves the flying experience of the Leica Aibot and supports pilots by automating important flying functions and system configuration.


White Paper

Unlocking the full potential of aerial data: This exclusive white paper by Drone Industry Insights (DII) explains how the right workflow can improve the entire process.

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