Leica RealTerrain Airborne LiDAR Mapping Solution

Combines single photon and linear-mode LiDAR technology with the fastest processing workflow for highest mapping efficiency

Leica RealTerrain Large Area LiDAR Mapping Solution

RealTerrain stands for efficient and flexible airborne LiDAR reality capture that offers information from accurate, high density elevation data from a choice of two remarkable but distinctively different airborne technologies. Both take advantage of Leica HxMap, the high-performance, multisensor, post-processing workflow that reduces data delivery time.

For the highest flexibility across widely-varying use cases and for the delivery of highest fidelity data, RealTerrain is used with the Leica TerrainMapper airborne linear-mode LiDAR sensor. This combination is most suitable for regional mapping projects spanning from narrow-swath corridors to high altitude applications over complex and changing environments.

RealTerrain provides the highest efficiency for large area LiDAR mapping projects with the lowest cost per data point and up to 10 times more efficiency when used with single photon LiDAR (SPL) technology in the Leica SPL100. This configuration works best for country and state-wide mapping, disaster risk planning, emergency management and forest inventory.

  • TerrainMapper is the newest generation linear-mode LiDAR sensor with an operational profile from 300 m to 5,500 m flying height, outstanding accuracy and unmatched point density.
  • SPL100 collects 6 million points per second using 100 output beams. Save time and costs with up to 10x the efficiency of conventional LiDAR systems.
  • HxMap provides one simple user interface to quickly ingest, process and visualise LiDAR and imaging data faster than ever before.

This more efficient information retrieved from accurate, high-density elevation data is indispensable for applications such as:

  • Country and state-wide mapping
  • Disaster risk planning and emergency management
  • Forest inventory and tree height measurement
  • Flood mapping and control of soil erosion
  • Corridor mapping
  • Mapping of complex and changing environments

A natural next step
RealTerrain is the result of Leica Geosystems’ many years of expertise in airborne LiDAR sensing, driving the evolution and constant improvement of both linear-mode and single photon LiDAR solutions.We now offer the most competitive LiDAR technologies in the market as the logical next step in the advancement of the airborne mapping industry.

Unmatched efficiency
While the SPL100 is up to 10 times more efficient over large areas and dramatically reduces flying costs, the TerrainMapper offers the most competitive collection rate among linear-mode LiDAR, with huge flexibility to accommodate varying applications. Combined with the fastest post-processing workflow, these solutions enable efficient collection and rapid processing of any LiDAR data sets.

Combining the TerrainMapper or SPL100 and HxMap, RealTerrain offers the technical foundation for all LiDAR mapping projects. In an increasingly connected world where interactions occur beyond borders, it is important to base decisions on reliable and inclusive information that is not being looked at in isolation.

The success of making informed decisions starts with the provision of readily available terrain and elevation data. Hence, this is the complete solution that captures and processes high-density point cloud data with never-before achieved speed and flexibility.

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Leica TerrainMapper

Airborne reality capture with new generation linear-mode LiDAR technology for complex applications over changing terrain.

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Une question ? Vous souhaitez voir une démonstration ? 

Single Photon LiDAR

The logical next step in airborne LiDAR mapping? How to capture data up to 10 times more efficiently.

The logical next step in airborne LiDAR mapping? How to capture data up to 10 times more efficiently.

Leica RealTerrain

Complete solution for large area terrain mapping to capture high-density point clouds.