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Digital reality SaaS platform

Leica TruView is the industry leader for easily and intuitively sharing point cloud data, design models, mark-ups and more. TruView Cloud is available via Leica Geosystems’ Cyclone Cloud portal for cloud-based software services. TruView Cloud removes the hurdles of deploying a TruView server solution on a local server or external cloud service. Instead, access the same enterprise-level project collaboration solution in a Leica Geosystems-trusted and managed cloud environment. Bring unparalleled speed, scale and simplicity to your TruView workflows.

TruView Cloud is the perfect software to view, measure and annotate your digital reality data and it is now available anywhere, anytime and on any device. The intuitiveness of TruView has been married with an equally intuitive way to access your data. Simply log in to your Cyclone Cloud account, deploy the product and start sharing immediately. With excellent dependability and advanced admin and user controls, never worry about who has or does not have access to your data.


TruView Cloud is quick and easy to deploy and scale. From first login and license activation to fully-functioning deployment takes just minutes. No IT hassles. Share data quickly and instantly syncronise markups and more for rapid communication and collaboration to meet demanding project timelines.


TruView Cloud is an enterprise-level solution that can scale infinitely and instantly based on the volumes you and your clients need—publish all your data, whether it’s a handful of scans or thousands. Unlimited, separate portals can be configured through the TruView Cloud portal. Assign different communities of unlimited users to each portal and assign access on a user-by-user basis.


TruView Cloud has removed the IT hurdles so firms of any size and capacity can set up and maintain an enterprise-level solution. Users do not have to install any app or programme. Simply visit the URL you designate and access your TruView digital reality data from a laptop, desktop computer, or any smartphone or tablet. Easily collaborate with stakeholders and project-manage subcontractors by accepting data from a wide range of sensors. View both point clouds and models in a single view to compare design plans against as-built conditions and asses conflicts before you begin construction. Even users with no 3D experience can easily navigate in TruView – just point and click to unlock rich information.

Picking the Right TruView Platform:

TruView Local

A free, no-install viewer, compatible with Internet explorer. Perfect for sharing TruViews with organisations with IT hurdles for new software or as a marketing tool for prospective customers. No login, just launch the viewer and explore.

TruView Enterprise

A robust viewer deployable on your in-house network or appropriate ISP server. Customisable interface and user-by-user controls make this the perfect option for a firm with multiple ongoing projects and strong internal IT capabilities and/or requirements.

TruView Cloud

A secure, Leica Geosystems-hosted cloud viewer. Customisable URL and unlimited portals and users make this a scalable solution for firms large and small who want a turn-key point cloud viewer that requires no IT expertise or maintenance.

Licensing: TruView Cloud packages are purchased by the number of setup positions allowed. All new users purchase a base package of 250 scan positions and may purchase additional positions in 250 or 500 scan position increments. Additional positions may be purchased at any point. All cloud services are offered in 1 year renewable subscription increments with Customer Care Package included for the duration of the service.

Case Studies

Découvrez comment les clients de partout dans le monde déploient des solutions Leica Geosystems pour leurs projets.
Découvrez comment les clients de partout dans le monde déploient des solutions Leica Geosystems pour leurs projets.

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