Leica Pegasus:WebViewer Data Sharing Tool

Browser independent data sharing from the cloud for faster project delivery

Leica Pegasus:WebViewer

The Leica Pegasus:WebViewer is the new web browser independent data sharing platform for mobile mapping data captured with Leica Geosystems mobile sensor platforms. With easy access to this cloud-based software, you can now view and share your data at anytime from anywhere, enabling faster visualisation, delivery and invoicing of your captured data through cloud storage.

The Pegasus:WebViewer allows point cloud renderings in any browser without the need to install additional plug-ins. The seamless 360° images and frame imagery can be visualised calibrated with the point cloud and can be used either for navigation or for measurement.

Cloud security

Storing the data in the cloud on the WebViewer server provides data security through user selected security profiles administered at the WebViewer server. You control who can access which data and at what level of access.

Data download

The spatial data store allows you to find and order imagery as and when you need it. Define the search method, projection, coordinate system, resolution and output file format. Within minutes your exact specified imagery can be downloaded. You can purchase imagery by credit card or apply for a business account.

Streaming service

Stream imagery using protocols like OGC WMS and WMTS directly into your application of choice, including Esri, MapInfo, Global Mapper and all proprietary oil and gas applications. Subscription fees include unlimited viewing and plotting. To learn more or receive a quote, contact our authorised resellers.

Leica Pegasus:Two Ultimate

Discover the new mobile mapping solution with seamless 360-degree imagery calibrated to the point cloud for improved city mapping.

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