Leica HxMap Provider

Data ingest and raw QC module for accurate georeferencing and immediate feedback on the success of your mission

The Leica HxMap Provider module enables you to use the Raw QC and Ingest functionality coming with the core software module of HxMap Workflow Manager. HxMap Provider requires the HxMap Enabler components to be in place.

Raw QC – Immediate feedback
Immediate feedback on the success of a mission is crucial independently from the sensor type and application. The Raw QC module connects to the mass memory and presents the flight mission in tree and map view to validate footprint coverage and image quality without the need of data-processing. One license is required for each interactive use of the Leica HxMap post-processing software.

Ingest – Into the flow
Ingest georeferences the raw sensor data with post-processed GNSS-IMU trajectory, produces aerial images for frame sensors and prepares the data for further workflow steps of triangulation, product generation and city modelling. With Ingest, aerial image frames can be prepared and improved based on user defined radiometry and atmospheric corrections.

It is ready to run on high throughput distributed computation and requires one license per node. Standard configuration is four licenses*.

Contact us for more information or to request a demo.

*For Leica RCD30 single head systems standard configuration is one Ingest license.

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