Leica Captivate Surveying Field Software

User-friendly field software, providing easy-to-understand data in 2D and 3D for all surveying projects

Leica Captivate is a user-friendly survey field software designed to help you tackle any surveying task. Whether measuring, viewing or sharing data, everything is done in one software with easy-to-use apps and precise 2D views and 3D models. Leica Captivate spans industries and project use cases with little more than a simple tap or swipe, regardless of whether you work with total stations, GNSS or both. As a user-friendly, versatile and customisable survey field software, Leica Captivate is designed to tackle any measurement task. It is the best companion for a variety of measurement instruments including MultiStations, Total Stations, and GNSS receivers. Leica Captivate not only enhances the efficiency of data creation and data understanding, it also embraces collaboration by supporting industry standard formats and data sharing via numerous cloud services.



Integrated cloud data services, support of industry data formats, and easy to use visualisation and preparation tools all combine to ensure you have the latest project data and the required data insight to be ready for any project task with any of the numerous supported sensors


Measure easily and effectively with powerful coding, advanced collection techniques, customisable displays, and 3D visualisation. Stake points, surfaces, lines, and alignments faster than ever with clear graphical and audible guidance, automated routines, and tailored workflows.


Onboard computations, real-time comparisons, and data analysis allow you to create results in the field without leaving site. Create quality assurance and project documentation with the ability to produce a reports for all apps, data, computations, and tasks.


Created deliverables by exporting data into one of the numerous predefined formats or present your data your way, with customizable stylesheets. Share your data, exports, and reports at any stage to deliver high-quality results using integrated cloud data services.

Leica Captivate is based on over 20 years of field software research and development. With a focus on an enjoyable and fit-for-purpose user interface, a 3D viewer for “3D everything, 3D everywhere,” Leica Captivate improves the things you do every day by making all tasks as simple as possible. Watch our short video to discover why Leica Captivate is the answer to any project requirement.


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