Leica HawkEye 4X Deep Bathymetric LiDAR Sensor

The most efficient and powerful sensor for deep bathymetric surveying delivers 4X the point density

Productivity gain of more than 50%
With the 4X bathymetric product line, Leica Geosystems introduces an innovative high-resolution technology, increasing the point density by factor 4 compared to previous versions. The Leica HawkEye 4X offers unrivalled bathymetric point density and water penetration down to 50 m depth at the same accuracy, same turbid water performance and with increased sensitivity, offering a productivity gain of >50%.

The world’s most competent deep water bathymetry solution
This flagship system expands on the competence of Leica Chiroptera 4X by providing superior capability in deeper waters. Do you currently own a Leica Chiroptera 4X but need to expand into deeper waters? Just add the HawkEye 4X deep water module.

From shore to deep waters

  • 40.000 points per second Deep bathymetric channel Acquire accuracy and data density in deep water surveying down to 50 metres depth
  • 140.000 points per second Shallow bathymetric channel Optimise coastal mapping and shallow water surveys down to 25 metres depth
  • 500.000 points per second topographic channel Collect the required detail and resolution for your topographic LiDAR application


Oblique LiDAR technology

The system features oblique LiDAR technology that illuminates objects from multiple angles, minimising shadowing in the data. Oblique LiDAR is also superior for feature detection on land and in water. The Leica HawkEye 4X is a simple-to-use sensor optimised for the most demanding survey requirements.

Territorial water & nautical charting

High resolution and accuracy make the Leica HawkEye 4X the perfect tool for mapping, planning, maintaining and managing all national waters and coastal regions. Nautical charting of nearshore and coastal zones as well as characterisation and mapping prior to infrastructure and constructional work are typical applications.

Climate change & environmental protection

The effect of global warming significantly impacts coastal regions, making airborne laser scanning increasingly important for environmental monitoring. A cost-effective solution for environmental and habitat mapping over large areas, the Leica HawkEye 4X enables flood simulations and change detection.

Fast & automated workflow

Leica LiDAR Survey Studio offers automatic calibration, registration and refraction correction, full waveform processing, quality control and data export. Manage projects, analyse data, detect water and land interfaces with maximum efficiency and view point cloud data in any standard formats.

Bathymetric LiDAR Mapping Webinar

Discover how the new 4X airborne bathymetric technology provides unmatched point density and unrivalled airborne bathymetric survey performance.

Leica Geosystems Airborne Bathymetric Solutions

Leica Geosystems airborne bathymetric LiDAR sensors provide seamless data from water to land and seafloor coverage down to 50 m water depth.

Leica LiDAR Survey Studio

The Leica LiDAR Survey Studio provides a highly efficient, integrated and automated end-to-end bathymetric LiDAR processing workflow for the Leica Chiroptera 4X.

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