Leica Cyclone MODEL VR

Immersive virtual reality viewing of your Cyclone models

Step into the future of visualisation with Leica Cyclone MODEL VR. This latest addition to the Leica Geosystems High-Definition Surveying (HDS) viewing product family allows users to publish Cyclone models as immersive virtual reality (VR) environments perfect or virtual site visits, design-visualisation and collaboration.

Rapid design visualisation

No longer confine your 3D data to the 2D screen. Now, for the first time ever, you can publish your Cyclone models directly to VR to experience your data in its native 3D format. With the full suite of Leica Geosystems’ technology, users can now simulate dangerous or potentially harmful environments to evaluate design plans or activities and limit their time in the field.

Smarter collaboration

Communicating your ideas and designs effectively is key to keeping a project on schedule and keeping clients engaged and happy. Cyclone MODEL VR allows you not only mark up your environment in real time but save snapshots of your proposed changes for others to implement, eliminating confusion and enabling smarter collaboration. Even share your VR experiences with colleagues or clients remotely to let them experience it for themselves.

Smarter interaction

When you can’t get to a site, a model is the next best thing, but now with Cyclone MODEL VR, you can immerse yourself in your models like never before. With intuitive navigation and a robust set of mark up, measurement and communication tools, you can get truly hands-on with your work. Either remotely access locations using your controllers or walk around your environment. The 1:1 scale makes it the perfect tool for planning and design review or to get client buy-in on a new project.

Robust toolset

Cyclone MODEL VR includes measurement and markup tools perfect for intuitive visualisation and collaboration. Simple, point-and-click navigation lets you easily maneuver through your models. Navigate between floors or take a bird’s eye view of the scene to gain greater context.

Cyclone MODEL VR is a free viewing software. Users must publish their models from Cyclone MODEL VR with a Cyclone MODEL VR PUBLISHER licence.

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Compila il form per avere maggiori informazioni sulle soluzioni di cattura della realtà in 3D