Joining forces for reliability

Chapter 3: Combining technologies for precision

Combining technologies for precision

The combination of these two precise technologies, Lino L2+ and LOM110, eliminates manual screeding. Users are guaranteed a state-of-the-art screed when the robot is guided by the laser:

  • Perfectly levelled floors even while passing through doorways
  • Monitors the level reference more than 500 times per second

“The speed of the robot demands a uniform laser projection and a steady powerful beam across the working surface. After performing extensive research, we determined that Leica Lino L2+ has the best reliability and the most consistent powerful beam on all 180°,” said Deda. “Moreover, when the battery power is low, the laser beam will be consistent until it shuts off – the beam quality does not degrade. So the information you get is always accurate as the laser is either visible or off completely.”

This combination of technologies has been so impressive that the University of Cambridge is now using it. The Lino L2+ and LOM110 are part of the practical application curriculum of the university’s robotic technology courses.

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Story: Joining forces for reliability
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Chapter 3: Combining technologies for precision


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