Digitisation of cultural heritage

Chapter 3: Flying high for detail

Flying high for detail
The aerial photos of big areas and hard-to-reach places were captured with the Aibot X6 V2 in combination with the Nikon D810.

“We were able to produce quality 3D models from the images captured with the Aibot X6,” said Dedik. “Being able to combine these images with the point clouds from the TLS, the model is detailed, accurate, and provides our clients with a realistic means to capture reality and maintain a digital record.”

The flights were executed to a large part with autonomous flown waypoint flights. The flights were planned in the office with the flight planning software Aibotix AiProFligt after the inspection of the monument.

The flight mission was executed by a two-man team (pilot + operator).

For detailed images of important structures, the flights were flown manual with the Aibot X6 V2. In these cases, the pilot took over the control of the UAVs and the operator took control of the Gimbals and the camera.

To generate the demanded data amount and the detailed degree, the camera was automatically triggered every two seconds. Not required pictures are sorted out.

Story: Digitisation of cultural heritage
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Merging sensors for the best results
Chapter 3: Flying high for detail
Chapter 4: Processing for precision

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