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Leica Zeno Office

Leica Zeno Office is Leica Geosystem’s desktop solution for GIS applications. It provides a set of tools for managing and processing GNSS and surveying data within ArcGIS Desktop, all from directly within your familiar environment. Zeno Office is a software package to maintain, manage and post-process GIS, GNSS and surveying data. With the Zeno GIS you get more done in a busy day and have full trust in the accuracy of your GNSS data.

The Leica Zeno Office brings both worlds together – Surveying and GIS. As a base, Zeno Office uses ArcGIS. In combination with our knowledge of surveying software, Zeno Office enables the integration of surveying measurements into a GIS database.

There are two versions available: 


  • Leica Zeno Office: This package contains both a basic ArcGIS Desktop licence and the functionalities from Leica Zeno Office.
  • Leica Zeno Office on ArcGIS: For users which already owning an ArcGIS Desktop licence, this package contains the extension to add the Leica Zeno Office functionalities to their existing setup.



Import your field data

With the Leica Zeno Mobile tools, you are only a few clicks away from importing your Zeno Mobile project to Leica Zeno Office. This tool automatically creates the survey database that will allow you to make the most from your data captured in the field.

All metadata obtained on the mobile device – this can be 3D accuracy, sensor or GNSS quality information – is transferred to the office and written into the database. This additional information allows quality validation – only reliable data is good data.

Leica Zeno GIS training videos

Learn how to work with various Leica Zeno software solutions on different hardware platforms.
Learn how to work with various Leica Zeno software solutions on different hardware platforms.




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