Introducing the Double Scan Feature for ScanStation P-Series

Peter Glueck explains how to remove unwanted points from moving objects by using the double scan feature

Based on feedback from the market, the latest firmware release for the ScanStation P-Series now includes the innovative Double Scan feature, first implemented with the launch of the Leica RTC360 laser scanner.

The Double Scan feature was first introduced with the launch of the RTC360 3D Reality Capture Solution in June 2018. Since its first introduction, feedback from the market proved the feature to be a huge success, therefore implementing it to the reputable ScanStation P40, P30 and P50 was a must.

What is the Double Scan feature and how does it work?
Imagine you are working at a location where you need to document a façade. The project site is crowded with many pedestrians passing by, time is critical and you cannot wait for a quiet period to scan when there are less or no pedestrians. Typically, when scanning, these pedestrians create ‘ghost points’ which overlay the object of interest and need to be manually removed during the post-processing phase in the office. After the removal of these ghost points, they leave gaps of the missing points and are visible in the background of the final scan data.

With the Double Scan feature, you don’t need to worry about moving obstacles at any busy or congested location anymore!

Simply scan your scene twice in face 1 and in face 2 and during the import post-processing phase, points of any moving objects are automatically detected and removed, and reduced to one single scan.

With the Double Scan feature, you instantly increase productivity and confidence in the field knowing that the captured data will result in clean and complete point clouds. The manual clean-up effort in the post-processing phase is significantly reduced, saving you time which is critical to any project.

Watch the video to learn how the Double Scan feature works:

When can I start using the Double Scan feature?
Existing and new ScanStation P-Series users with a valid Customer Care Package (CCP) can benefit from the Double Scan feature immediately. Update your laser scanner to the latest firmware v2.90 which can be accessed through the myWorld customer portal. You must also have the latest version of Leica Cyclone 9.4 or Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 1.6 installed.

What’s next?
The introduction of the Double Scan feature for the ScanStation P-Series, certainly simplifies current scanning practices and it provides a robust and confident solution directly in the field. We continuously invest in such improvements based on customer needs and feedback from the market – there will be more to come, watch this space!

Peter Glueck
Product Manager, Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Reality Capture Division 



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Quality is a tradition, built deep within our DNA. We have a commitment to excellence and exceptional attention to detail.

Quality is a tradition, built deep within our DNA. We have a commitment to excellence and exceptional attention to detail.