Leica SiRailScan: Intelligent Rail 3D Processing

Complete railway batch as-built geometry and feature extraction

Leica SiRailScan enables a complete extraction of the as-built railway network with engineering accuracy. By analysing the as-built infrastructure of the rail network, increased safety through train control and cost effective engineering is achieved. With best-in-class batch processing and network extraction, Leica SiRailScan is ideal for monitoring and maintenance ofprivate or public rail networks.

Features include:
  • Import of scan data format from all scanning systems, and LAS/ASCII/PTS/DXF files
  • Import of Control points as geometrical objects
  • Creating of sections planes / single cross / longitudinal section profiles
  • Create /modify of geometry objects from the point cloud
  • 3D measurement in the point cloud including to the rail center line
  • Export of Tif, DXF, export of the geometry objects as DXF file, ascii file, Export in 3DS and DGN format and user customized formats
  • Batch dynamic collision detection and analysis  based on the as-built axis or designed track
  • Batch process for the creation of section profiles along the centerline followed by vectorization and export into DXF format
  • Batch extraction of the as-built rail geometry with accurance and reliability values (left/right rail and center line)
  • Batch processes for detection, vectorisation and export of the catenary wires
  • Comparison between designed and as-built followed by export in a predefined format (ASCII, DXF, DGN, PDF or any other user defined format)
  • Measurement of the minimal, horizontal, vertical and radial distances between predefined clearance gauge profile and the tunnel structure
  • Coversion of the tunnel body into a 2D and comparison between designed and as-built
  • DTM calculations for volume monitoring and detection of the ballast assessments.
  • Export the sleepers along the as-built rail geometry as separate point cloud
  • Export of the deviations of the sleepers surface form the best fitting plane
  • Creating of ortho images and ortho view images of the point cloud
  • Correction and recovery of already synchronized point clouds with defined preconditions.
  • Epoch wise deformation analyses of structural objects (tunnels, bridges) measured with kinematic or static laser scanning system
  • Crack detection algorithm with simultaneously calculation of cracks length and width

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