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In the planning phase of a project, monitoring aids in the preliminary analysis and testing of a site. This helps to determine the suitability and stability of the ground and its general surrounding areas before any construction work takes place.


With constant impact and movement, construction poses many major risks. Be it tracking the stability and verticality of the construction or any ground movements that might also affect surrounding structures, it is important that monitoring is performed throughout the construction phase. This is critical especially for the health and safety of those working on and around the site.

Structural Health Monitoring

Monitoring does not end after the planning and construction phases and in fact also plays a crucial role for existing structures. Long-term monitoring ensures the stability of structures despite the impacts of maintenance and aging as well as the potential impact of surrounding construction activity, seismic activity and other natural hazards.


Monitoring Projects



Monitoring Projects



Monitoring Projects


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Every monitoring project is different and unique. Leica Geosystems monitoring solutions combine versatility and flexibility in adapting to your project’s requirements, regardless of the object of monitoring or its environment. Whether it is human activity or natural process, you can rely on the proven solutions from Leica Geosystems to always provide the highest performance and sustainability.

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Leica Geosystems monitoring solutions provide seamless integration of hardware and software. Simple to install in the field, the sensors are promptly connected to the cloud or on-premise GeoMoS solution, which informs you about all the movements and changes instantaneously. The comprehensive visualisation of results is easily accessible over the browser from any mobile device, at any time.