3D paving comes to India

Chapter 3: Delivering cost-efficient precise surfaces

3D paving comes to India

Delivering cost-efficient precise surfaces
Unlike the conventional work detail where strings are setup on a day-to-day basis, the 3D system takes data only once.

"The movement of the tracks is 3D guided, which makes making curves very easy. This is quite difficult working with stringlines," explained Santosh Navele, NIS paver operator.

The system takes care of all contingencies leaving just one task - to ensure continuous supply of concrete.

"Adopting Leica Geosystems solutions enabled the execution of multiple activities simultaneously. Paving the road, lining to tunnel walls, and installing electrical conduits were done together. Additionally, the amount of labor employed and fuel costs could be reduced," said Mr Parminder Sindu.

On the day of paving, the survey team set up in three easy steps to pave uninterrupted:

  • Place the Leica Viva TS15 robotic total station
  • Track it to the 360 prism mounted on the paver
  • Turned on Leica Pavesmart 3D

The PaveSmart 3D system uses the survey data to control the steering tracks and movement of the hydraulics of the paver to ensure that the finished surface is always as per the data. The probability of error or deviation from design data is eliminated by setting tolerances within the machine computer. When these limits are exceeded, the hydraulics and steering get locked.

"Resuming work the next day is convenient and faster. The mold of the paver is aligned to the previous day’s end point to continue paving. The 3D control system eliminates cumbersome work and enables us to work faster without compromising quality," said Satyaveer Singh, NIS surveyor at site.

Story: 3D paving comes to India
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Addressing challenges with Leica’s PaveSmart 3D system
Chapter 3: Delivering cost-efficient precise surfaces
Chapter 4: A brighter future for Indian road industry

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