Leica AS11 Multi-frequency GNSS Antenna

Versatile High-end GNSS Antenna

Leica AS11

For single reference stations, RTK or monitoring networks and RTK rovers, the Leica AS11 antenna provides solid performance for a wide range of precision applications. This compact antenna combines perfectly with the Leica Viva GS10 & GS25, Leica GR30, GR50 and GM30.


Innovative design

The Leica AS11 features a patented multi-point feeding network and radiation pattern optimization technology. The AS11 not only provides market-leading performance in multipath environments but also achieves both high zenith gain and low gain roll-off from zenith to horizon, without sacrificing tracking performance.

Enhanced tracking

The AS11 is an excellent choice for any application where the sky is partially visible, such as operating close to tree lines or in urban canyons. It is able to track all visible satellites from horizon to zenith providing the maximum number of observations for an enhanced positioning solution.

Stable phase center

Thanks to stable phase center of the AS11, signal reception is unaffected by the rotation of the antenna, which simplifies installation and placement of the antenna itself. The minimal phase center variations make this antenna ideal for high accuracy applications.

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