Leica iCON iXE2 - 2D System

The most flexible 2D excavator machine control solution

라이카 iCON excavate iXE2
Leica iCON iXE2 is an easy-to-use, multifunctional 2D control system designed to make excavating easier and more productive. The system allows multiple elevations and slopes to be constructed, at any orientation without resetting the machine or laser height reference. Just enter the required depth and slopes and start digging. The system can be used in combination with the Leica iCON MCP50, MCP70, and MCP80 panels, with the latter offering the possibility to use the PowerSnap concept.


Key benefits of iCON iXE2
•    High-accuracy automatic dual slope and level control
•    Real time cut/fill indication on the graphic display
•    No grade checking needed
•    Maximize your machine utilization and return-on investment by getting right to grade the first time
•    No more over excavations - dig to planned grade easily and accurately. Save material and fuel cost
•    Use iCON excavate iXE2 on multiple machines in your fleet with PowerSnap for MCP80. 
•    Easy vertical positioning of an auger with the unique PowerDriller function
•    Precise sculpting of edges, slopes and contours by support of  tilt rotator attachments

The new modern 5' and 7' Leica iCON MCP50 and MCP70 panels feature a very bright multi-touch screen display, providing great visibility throughout the day, night, and under every light condition. The Leica iCON iXE2 excavator software application runs inside our new Smart Junction Box - no longer directly from the panel – improving overall system performance and adding flexibility for feature solution developments.


Accurate single/dual slope and depth control

iCON iXE2 displays the bucket's actual position relative to design elevation and slope, allowing you to reach the design grade faster.

Integrated tilt rotator support

iCON iXE2 provides integrated tilt rotator support, giving the operator clear guidance information about the actual tilt and rotation position relative to his or her project. iCON iXE2 with tilt rotator support increases your productivity and lets you maximize the use and benefits of your machine control solution.

Flexible and upgradeable system with MCP80

iCON iXE2 is a fully upgradeable system. You can start with a single-slope operation and upgrade as needed to a full dual-slope system by adding a rotation and tilt bucket sensor to your system. With an additional 3D control panel and GNSS sensors, you get a highly efficient 3D guidance solution that allows you to excavate according to the 3D design model on your panel.

System features for Leica iXE2

iCON iXE2 offers a simple user interface with intuitive graphics. It has selectable bucket reference points and can be customized for instant access to important functions. Furthermore, Leica iXE2 has altitude warnings - audible warning on selected height, useful for overhead cables and working under bridges and inside buildings.

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Leica Academy

Check out the how-to-videos for machine control from Leica Geosystems here.

Check out the how-to-videos for machine control from Leica Geosystems here.

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