Leica Aibot Standard Sensors

Best data capture performance with selected sensors for optimal survey results

UAV sensor
Precision and data resolution is the key to a successful UAV project. Leica Geosystems provides a fully integrated workflow for all standard sensors to simplify your daily UAV tasks and get the optimal results. Our engineers and experts have chosen two standard sensors for highest reliability, quality and service. These cameras are the best-in-class to capture data for photogrammetry producing accurate photos, orthophotos and point clouds.

Sony αR7II

The world’s first back-illuminated full-frame sensor offers higher resolution, sensitivity, and readout speed. This 42.4-megapixel CMOS sensor enhances light collection efficiency, expands circuitry scale, and, with the help of a quick-transmission copper wiring layer, outputs data about 3.5 times faster, while minimising image noise.

Sony α6300

The Sony α6300 is an APS-C mirrorless camera that takes autofocusing (AF), imaging speed and performance to astonishing new heights. With superior speed, response, and quality in a compact body this sensor delivers images with less noise within a wide sensitivity range. Record the ultimate resolution in 4K movie quality.



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