Digital Reality Management

Faheem Khan

Faheem Khan
Leica Geosystems Vice-President for High Definition Surveying Business Development

"An update on Leica Geosystems HDS software and a vision into the future"





The point cloud software industry is in constant motion. As the long-standing industry leader in point cloud software and complete laser scanning solutions, Leica Geosystems is likewise advancing its own software offerings, from data creation, registration, preparation and visualisation all the way to consumption. In addition to covering the latest updates for key new products, this presentation will also provide the latest insights into Leica Geosystems point cloud software directions to help users and partners better understand where we are headed and the value that these paths will deliver to their organisations. Demos of the latest software features and previews of upcoming products and features will be given. Using real world examples, this presentation will see us fuse various sources of data from our digital world and demonstrate compelling, state-of the-art solutions.

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