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Lightweight construction, high stability, robust quality

Leica Geosystems Construction total station and GNSS poles and accessories

Using a professional high-quality construction pole is essential if you want to gain the accuracy needed in today’s layout applications. Due to the use of materials such as carbon and aluminium, the original poles from Leica Geosystems offer an optimal balance of weight, stability and longevity. 

The right pole for your task
Leica Geosystems offers you a large selection of high-value poles and accessories for all measurement and layout applications. The right pole choice is decisive if the indicated accuracy of an instrument is to be reached. The different pole accessories provide flexibility on site, making the use of the GNSS and total station even easier. 

CRP1, CRP2 and CRP3 Standard Construction Poles

The CRP1, CRP2 and CRP3 are poles designed specifically for construction use. Offering full flexibility for either prism or GNSS use, the standard pole is available in metric (CRP1), feet fractional (CRP2) and feet decimal (CRP3) measurement units. The pole is extendable up to 2.05m with  2 x 5/8” screws to allow for the mounting of the prism at either the top or near the bottom of the pole whilst the two circular bubbles allow to use the pole upside down to quickly adjust to either layout accuracy requirements and/or site conditions.

CRP4 and CRP5 Construction Reflector Poles

The CRP4 and CRP5 Reflector Poles were developed as a part of AP20 AutoPole solution, a unique smart system that boosts on-site productivity by enabling point measurements with a tilted pole, automatically measuring target heights up to 2.20 m, plus searching and locking to a specific target. The mechanical interface to the AP20 AutoPole ensures precise axis alignment for reliable tilt compensation and stable use in any pole handling, including when the pole is in upside-down use.
The reflector pole can be used with the AP20 sensor and also as a high-class passive pole (without AP20 features), providing the well-known analogue bubble and a printed height scale (metric or feet). The CRP4 and CRP5 are compatible with existing prisms, GNSS antennas and a wide range of Leica Geosystems accessories such as pole clamps, bi-pods, prism adapters, and exchangeable pole tips.

CRP10, CRP11 and CRP12 Construction Pole Tips

Leica Geosystems offers different tip options for the construction poles, offering flexibility for meeting different layout needs. The CPR10 is the standard high-quality pole tip that comes with every construction pole. The CRP11 features a flat plate with a pivot point, allowing the plate to remain flat on softer materials even when working in a sloped environment such as a stockpile or embankment. The CRP12 is designed with a spring-loaded tip to easily leave an accurate mark of the laid-out point, ensuring it is then sprayed in the right place. No matter the challenge, we got you.

CRP13 and CRP14 Construction Combi Pole Components

The CRP13 is a spacer that allows the controller to be mounted to the combi pole configuration, which is used when the accuracy requirements are high. The CRP14 is the handle and the bubble indicator for the combi configuration.


To be precise: Every detail counts
To be precise: Every detail counts

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