Leica iCON iCR80 – Robotic Total Station for Construction

The ultimate construction total station to maximise efficiency on site.

Construction worker is operating a Leica iCON iCR80 construction robotic total station in outside construction site.

The Leica iCON iCR80 construction total station keeps its ‘eye’ on only one thing: the user’s target. Layout more points per day thanks to ATRplus, the most robust automated-aiming, lock and re-lock technology in the market. The iCR80 is especially useful in congested sites with many distractions, such as reflections, machines and people moving around. Challenging and changing site conditions should not be an obstacle.

The iCON iCR80 allows users to:

  • Layout lines for footings or chalk line for formwork on foundation
  • Layout points on blinding layer, such as pipe insert or cut-outs before pouring concrete
  • Layout easily using true design data, from 2D Cad to object based BIM models
  • MEP layout of wall penetrations for pipes, hanger locations for HVAC and duct work, inserts and slits for sheet metal work
  • Complete as-built and verification tasks directly on site
  • Control a wide variety of construction machines, such as curb and gutter or milling machines, asphalt or concrete pavers, and graders or dozers

The iCON iCR80 guarantees layout efficiency with the most reliable, simple and automatic set up procedure, industry-leading prism lock, and flexible handling of fully rendered 3D design models in the field. This sophisticated, one-person total station offers an ‘all-in-one’ solution for every purpose – especially the difficult ones, allowing you to speed up your workflow.

As a variant of the iCR80, Leica Geosystems introduced the Leica iCON iCR80S with simplified user interface. Without display and no iCON field software onboard, the iCR80S can be operated via a 4-button keyboard.

Leica iCON iCR80 – Layout efficiency

Ability to layout complex designs

Laying out intricate designs is a difficult task construction crews face every day. Complex geometries must be simplified by converting them to lines and rectangles, which means the staked point will not represent the true design when brought to the field. With iCON build Layout Objects app, users can lay out straight from 3D models by selecting an object, like a column or pipe, simply by tapping on it in the controller and benefit from the flexible creation of layout work packages for effective work progress management.

Most stable prism lock

The iCR80 and iCR80S come with automated target aiming based on ATRplus technology which enables automatic aiming, locking and re-locking onto targets. ATRplus keeps the instrument locked on the prism whether the prism is on a surveying pole or on a moving machine. Furthermore it intelligently and automatically detects and adapts to environmental conditions, such as light, dust, rain and other site conditions As a result, down time resulting from loss of target lock is being minimised and your layout task or machine control project become more productive.

Dynamic Lock

Both, the iCR80 and iCR80S optionally feature the Dynamic Lock functionality which enables an enhanced lock-on capability onto moving targets. You no longer need to stand still and wait for the instrument to find and lock to the prism. Thanks to ATRplus and Dynamic Lock, the iCR80 and iCR80S get the best automation performance with a larger area for searching and locking onto a moving target.

Leica iCON iCR80 (iCR80S) features

  • Faster prism search by patented technology, PowerSearch
  • Stable data communication with long-range Bluetooth® (up to 400m)
  • Easy hand-over control from pole to machine and vice versa
  • ATRplus technology, maximising the total station’s ability to remain locked on your target for highest point-to-point layout speed
  • “Tune out targets” feature to ignore other distractions in the field
  • Fastest re-lock in case of interrupted line of sight
  • Dynamic Lock (optionally available) – ability to search and lock onto moving targets
  • Setup Pilot app for an efficient, reliable, simple and automated set up routine

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The iCON iCR80 and iCR80S total stations are fully compatible with:

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Leica iCON iCR80 data sheet

iCR80 data sheet with technical specification.
iCR80 data sheet with technical specification.

Leica iCON build brochure

Brochure with all iCON solutions for building construction.
Brochure with all iCON solutions for building construction.

Leica iCON site brochure

Brochure with all iCON solutions for heavy construction.
Brochure with all iCON solutions for heavy construction.