Leica Digitex i-Series Signal Transmitters

Locate more underground cables and pipes

Leica Digitex i-Series signal transmitters

The Leica Digitex i-Series signal transmitters apply a signal onto underground cables or pipes that may not carry a detectable signal. The Leica Digicat i-Series cable locator can then be used to locate the signal from the Leica Digitex signal transmitter.

The Digitex i-Series signal transmitters are compact, robust and easy-to-use. The have been designed in conjunction with the Digicat i-Series cable locators to easily and accurately avoid, trace or locate buried cables and pipes.

Improved utility detection
These intelligent signal transmitters can be used:

  • To improve utility detection in areas of high signal interference
  • Enables depth estimation, when using a depth enabled cable locator
  • Enables to locating of non-conductive utilities by applying a detectable signal onto underground utilities. The signal can then be traced using a Leica Digicat cable locator. Using the Leica Digitex signal transmitters this way will help you locate around 50% more buried cables or pipes than using a Digicat cable locator alone.
  • Use a range of accessories to locate a range of utilities

Leica Digitex 100t signal transmitter – 1 Watt signal transmitter for use before excavation work.

Leica Digitex 300t signal transmitter – 3 Watt signal transmitter ideal if you are frequently locating underground utilities in areas with high signal interference, or larger excavation areas.

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Leica Digitex i-Series Signal Transmitters

Two frequency generator to improve buried utility detection.