Leica LOGiCAT VU Management & Monitoring System

Analyse data to reduce utility strikes

LOGiCAT software
By deploying Leica Digicat cable locators, utility strike rates have reduced dramatically.  Now, with the introduction of Leica LOGiCAT VU software, cable locators can be managed and monitored centrally.
Data analysis helps fleet managers to improve cable locator usage and effectiveness during the excavation, increases attention to site safety initiative and enhances product familiarisation training and operator behaviour.

What is Leica LOGiCAT VU?
Leica LOGiCAT VU is a management and monitoring system for analysing data from cable locators.
Cable locators are used to identifying the location of buried utilities; the data enables instruments to record GPS coordinates alongside logged instrument data.
Leica LOGiCAT VU helps plant, fleet and site managers to evaluate and analyse the data from one or more cable locators.
The system gives fleet managers a “view” of how the survey was conducted and if it has been undertaken to best practice. The locator positions can be mapped and presented through Google maps, highlighting the path of the survey.

Key benefits

  • Greater insight if best practice has been followed
    Using just the cable locator on its own you could miss 45 up to 50% of dormant utilities which hold the potential of fatal injury. The Fleet Manager can evaluate the Leica LOGiCAT VU data and see how and if the Operator has thoroughly undertaken a site investigate, in all modes and with correct accessories, ensuring adherence to best practice.

  • Data visualisation on satellite images to support interpretation
    GPS enables cable locator to record their coordinates alongside usage data. Leica LOGiCAT VU displays field data overlaid on digital map and images, showing where the operator has undertaken the survey to support post-survey evaluation.Clarity for post utility strike evaluation.

  • Clarity for post utility strike evaluation
    In the event of a utility strike, the incident report can be produced simply and provide a comprehensive and clear view of instruments usage leading up to the incident. Within the report, colours indicate the survey quality, Red/Poor and Green/Good.

  • Data export to GIS and BIM System
    The instruments data can be exported to a third party GIS and BIM software enhancing knowledge about subsurface utilities for future excavation activities.

Leica LOGiCAT VU – a suite of software tools


  1. LOGiCAT VU Mobile Device App
    It provides fast and easy Locator data transfer from the field to the office.

    • Site to office transfer of locator data in a single step
    • Data transferred via Bluetooth® wireless technology
    • Available for SMART phones and tablets
    • Free to download, free to use
    • Can be installed on multiple devices at no additional cost
  2. LOGiCAT VU Windows based software
    LOGiCAT VU software is a Windows based system providing a complete solution for creating, maintaining and monitoring your DIGICAT cable locator fleet.

    • Complete solution for managing your DIGICAT fleet
    • Builds a database of fleet activity
    • Assess operation quality and operator performance
    • Reports on best practice performance
    • Provides incident reports for post-strike analysis
    • File import from locator, LOGiCAT VU App, email or network server
    • Use common map formats - GPX, KML and direct into Google Maps
    • Export to GIS asset management systems
    • Free to download, free to use Windows based system

Start today to reduce utility strikes, download the LOGiCAT VU software and app.

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