GNSS imaging workflow changes utility mapping

Efficiency and safety from the ground up

When mapping utilities, you often face points that are hard to measure with a traditional GNSS RTK rover safely and efficiently. Read the case to know how the GS18 I measured in a test against real utility mapping project and dig deeper into the data to see how it would look when you work with the data in the office. Capture all details before the trench is closed.

Case: The GS18 I was put to a test in utility mapping

Ageing sanitation and source lines and outdated data in the Jaén prompted Acciona Agua and Somajasa to initiate a digital mapping project that will support utility construction and sustainable water management. Read the complete story to learn the workflow and hear experiences behind the video above.

Expert talk: The GS18 I data in Leica Infinity

Do you want to dig deeper into the data collected from the utility site in Spain? Watch our experts working with the data, see how the real data looks in Infinity and learn how to work with the captured data in the office. You will also see how to directly work with Esri ArcGIS to ensure data is available where it needs to be.

Interested in a demonstration of the GS18 I?