Introducing iGD CoPilot: Designed to simplify the use of dozers on heavy construction sites

New functionality made to increase productivity, ease operation on construction sites

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iGD CoPilot will simplify dozer operations on construction sites. Morten Nissen, Leica Geosystems Machine Control Division product specialist, discusses the new functionality.

What is the new function for?
iGD CoPilot is designed to simplify the use of dozers when not using 3D or 2D machine control.

Who is the function for?
iGD CoPilot is designed for dozer operators, no matter what training level.

Where can the function be used?
It can be used on an existing Leica iGD2 solution or for a new installation only with iGD CoPilot.

Why did you develop the new function?
We developed the new function for 3 reasons:

  1. To improve the productivity of new operators.
  2. To decrease the learning curve of less experienced dozer operators.
  3. For all operators, we want to decrease fatigue and stress on them as they operate a large piece of equipment like a dozer. A more focused and alert operator is a much safer operator, decreasing the risk of accidents and increasing the general safety level of the job site.

When and where will the new functionality be available?
The new functionality will be available in Leica iCP32 software as of August 2017. Customers can download the new version of software from myWorld.

How is the function typically used?
iGD CoPilot will make sure that the dozer will make a straight smooth push, without any waves. This can be used in any situation where a flat surface is needed or material is needed to be moved.

Why should I invest in this new function?
This function will make less experienced operators more effective, it will make experienced operators even more productive, and remove some of the daily stress. Further, site safety levels will be increased due to having less fatigued operators running dozers.

What is unique about the new function and why is it so revolutionary?
The iGD CoPilot automatically adjusts critical parameters. This leads to more accurate grading results, no matter of the driver's training level.

Available in selected markets only. To find out more, please contact your local Leica Geosystems representative.


Morten Nissen
Product Specialist, Grading Solutions
Machine Control Division

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