Leica SP Technology

Grading at high speed with total precision

Leica SP Technology

SP technology is...

  • Speed and Productivity
  • Smoothness and Precision
  • Superior Performance
  • Unique Flexibility


Key benefits of SP Technology

  • Fine grade with your bulldozer in 3rd gear
  • Maintain smoothness and accuracy at higher speeds
  • Flexibility to use SP Technology with GPS or total stations 
  • Increases machine uptime (e.g. work through momentary GPS outages or short interruption of prism tracking)
  • Higher sensor availability with GNSS/GPS
  • Unmatched productivity that boosts your profitability
  • Reach target grade in less time

Grading at higher speeds

iCON grade systems with SP allow you to work twice as fast as before. Your jobs will be finished much faster. Providing an improved hydraulic control, SP Technology can dramatically increase the productivity, machine utilisation and optimise material usage on any earthmoving and fine-grading project. This will reflect in your bottom line.

Highly accurate, smooth results in any environment
By using inertial guidance with highly responsive hydraulic control, grading performance is significantly enhanced. Dozers equipped with SP technology provide extremely precise and consistent grading results at previously unimaginable speeds and on virtually any surface and in any environment.

Increased value of existing hardware
iCON grade systems with SP technology offer new ways of working. Dozers can undertake fine-grading & finish work, meaning less heavy equipment is needed on many projects. And keeping things moving and productive on more challenging jobsites such as deep cuts, urban canyons, forested or mountainous areas will really benefit from SP Technology's enhanced performance!

The secret of SP Technology
The key component is the SP14 sensor which provides inertial guidance (INS integrated). Together with the new, 5 times faster hydraulic control (100 Hz output compared to 20 Hz with regular GNSS), the performance of the machine control system is significantly enhanced. Operators can work through momentary lapses in satellite coverage or lost signal, enjoying maximum uptime. Leica iCON grade systems with SP technology offer you superior machine control performance in any environment, resulting in smoother, more accurate grading at higher speeds.

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Find your Leica Geosystems contact for sales, support and technical service.