Leica PaveSmart 3D system

Your complete solution for 3D paving and milling

Leica PaveSmart 3D paving system

Leica Geosystems’ pioneering 3D paving control systems, successfully launched over a decade ago, are continuously refined thanks to our worldwide user community partnership. Leica PaveSmart 3D saves you time and money, increasing site safety and optimising paving jobsite logistics.

Replacing stringlines, Leica Geosystems total stations or GNSS sensors precisely track the machine’s position and elevation. PaveSmart 3D calculates and compares to the design model´s grade and position. Steer and elevation corrections are then sent to the machine controller, regulating the hydraulics for precise paving or milling results.

Leica Geosystems' track record in 3D paving and milling is unmatched - hundreds of high-profile infrastructure projects have been realised worldwide with PaveSmart 3D since its introduction in 1999. Airports, highways, tunnels, concrete safety barriers, curbs and gutters, and rail trackbeds can be all constructed quickly with higher quality and precision and at lower cost thanks to our 3D machine control technology.

Benefits of using PaveSmart 3D:

  • Significant project cost and time savings – no installation or maintenance of stringlines, hubs or stakes required
  • Optimises concrete and asphalt yields by constructing precise as-designed 3D surfaces
  • Pave or mill anywhere, at any time, with no holdups or reliance on stringline crews
  • Simplified jobsite logistics - get the trucks in and out faster
  • Saves valuable working space in road lane-rental schemes
  • Low light and night-time operations are made simpler and safer
  • Puts operators in control of their work
  • High accuracy: up to ± 3mm in height, ± 10 mm  in position (depending on machine)
  • Delivers excellent surface smoothness
  • Better operational safety – truck reversing movements can be eliminated and narrow-corridor road projects are made much simpler and safer to operate within
  • 3D data can be imported from practically any CAD system
  • Operate in restrictive areas or where stringlines are problematic to install, such as urban streets and tunnels
  • Supports controllers from different machine manufacturers
  • Compatible with the widest range of GNSS base stations

Wide applications and support many different machines
PaveSmart 3D works with machines of the following industry-leading slipform paver manufacturers:

  • Gomaco
  • Wirtgen
  • PowerCurbers
  • Guntert & Zimmerman
  • Dynapac
  • Voegele

Supported machine types include mainline slipform pavers, asphalt pavers, curb and gutter pavers, barrier and offset pavers, placers/spreaders, trimmers, canal pavers, milling machines, and slipform pavers for special applications.


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