Digitising environments: A map of the future

Discover the technologies that are paving the way for a digitised future

With reports indicating that the world will need to spend US $57 trillion on infrastructure by 2030 to keep up with global GDP growth, the construction industry must prepare for disruption and embrace today’s digital technology to reap the benefits and futureproof the industry.

Large projects typically finish 20 per cent later, and up to 80 per cent more expensive, than planned; adopting new technologies can help to manage the complex projects and tackle the inefficiencies that inhibit growth and profitability.

Digitisation has the potential to enable dramatic change, from improving work processes and preventing the duplication of work to sharing data in real time, making projects more cost-effective and businesses more productive.

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3D mobile mapping

Understanding a geological landscape, as-built structures or individual assets is easily achieved through 3D mobile mapping, reducing time, increasing safety and offering 360-degree visibility for surveyors, contractors and asset managers.


Higher-definition surveying, from rapid digital-mapping to 5D BIM, digital collaboration, paperless projects and advanced analytics: these are the digital technology trends set to shape construction projects of the future.

The cloud

A recent study by ICE indicates that 60 per cent cost savings can be achieved with the introduction of digital review processes and integrated systems, compared to paper-based methods. Traditional methods of data sharing can be uncoordinated and inaccurate; a move towards the Cloud enables improved collaboration and sharing.


Moving from 3D spatial design to 5D building information modelling (BIM) is another crucial development. With 75 per cent of those adopting BIM reporting a positive ROI, more and more projects will soon be using sensors, mobile devices, cloud-based software and other mapping technologies integrated through BIM.

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Enabling city digitisation wherever you can go

Mobile 3D solutions for city mapping enable the interpretation of the physical world in a digital environment.