Leica ATrack Suite: Automated Track As-Built Engineering & Optimization Software

Efficiently calculating tracks and gradients.

Leica Pegasus:Two Mobile Mapping Solution

Leica ATrack Suite enables a complete mathematical analysis of the as-built track geometry elements and parameters. It is the answer for increased efficiency in the calculation of large railway track data sets with a graphic interface distinguished by its exceptional user-friendliness. Within just a few seconds, track elements and gradient changes can be precisely calculated for safer rail operations. Enabling error analysis, measurement gaps and transformations are bridged to meet the measured points of the calculated track geometry.

Leica ATrack Suite is used in many applications, such as:

  • Track planning, including position and height, geodetic calculations
  • Illustration of 2D plans and track layouts with all parameters
  • Execution of track transformation and transformation calculations
  • Useful program additions AXTRAN and GVPlan
  • The Leica ATrack Suite software family includes:ATrack Basic Configuration
  • ATrack Railway Calculation
  • ATrack Driving Dynamics
  • ATrack Track Plan

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