Leica SiRoadManager: Complete Road & Highway Management Database

Flexible management of roads and highways network

SiRoadManager by Leica Geosystems - Mobile Sensor Platforms - Software
Leica SiRoadManager, a database management tool of the SiRoad Suite, creates a holistic view of state or agency’s highway network from point cloud to geometry and traffic signal layer.

This tool is designed to increased efficiency and convenience by providing all the critical as-built roads and highways information in a single location. Enhancing and harmonising data of varying degrees, such as highway and road networks, software processes, administration, and updating internal workflow owners. This software is ideal for visualisation of static and kinematic scan data while enabling the illustration of clearance analysis.

Further product characteristics include:
  • Simple and easy handling of large amounts of data
  • Intelligent analysis functions, specifically for clearance analysis
  • Measurement functions for defined clearance frames and collision tests
  • The transfer of information into an easy-to-send PDF format
The Leica SiRoadManager software includes:
  • SiRoadManager Database Management Engine
  • SiRoadManager Database Engine Geometry Level
  • SiRoadManager Database Engine Topology Level
  • SiRoadManager Database Engine Signalizaton Level
  • SiRoadView
  • SiRoadView Batch Historical Clearance
  • SiRoadView Batch Multi Scan Analysis
  • SiRoadView Route planning
Local or cloud installation:
Leica SiRoadManager can show and manage a complete roads and highways network digitally through access to a server-based database.

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