Leica ComGate10 - New with LTE (4G) network and WIFI integration

Leica ComGate10 is part of the M-Com series, plug and play solutions for monitoring communication

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Stable 24/7 communication is crucial part of any monitoring installation. Solutions for monitoring are key to obtain a clear picture of the current state, degradation and evolution of any structure to make fast informed decisions.

Leica M-Com series offers easy installation, reliable communication, and the connection of multiple sensors and external devices. This increases the mobility for periodic or short term monitoring systems. The Leica ComGate10 is part of the M-Com series, plug and play solutions for monitoring communication.

The new version of the Leica ComGate10 uses 2G GPRS, 3G UTMS and latest 4G LTE networks for highest speed data link. High dense point clouds from laser scanners, high quality images and even video streams from web cams can be transmitted over modern mobile communication networks.

With the new WIFI connectivity the Leica ComGate10 can be easily integrated into existing WLAN infrastructures or can support wireless connections to sensors.

The integrated firmware is based on long year monitoring experience and there is powerful functionality to recover from any communication failure. The ComGate10 will detect and handle network outage or can automatically fall back to a secondary communication line.

Over the integrated digital relay, the Leica ComGate10 is supporting a cold boot of any connected sensor.

The Leica ComGate10 is fully integrated and an essential part of the Leica GeoMoS Monitoring Solution.

Technical data:

  • Mobile Internet (GSM, GPRS, UTMS, LTE)
  • WLAN
  • 2 Ethernet ports (WAN / LAN)
  • 2 sensor connection ports (RS232, USB 2.0)
  • 2 digital inputs/outputs

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