SOS shipbuilding on scans

Chapter 2: Versatile toolbox

Versatile toolbox

To ensure we do not miss any critical details that could contribute to significant additional costs, we rely on a diverse set of measurement instruments. In particular, 3D laser scanning plays a significant role in helping us ensure construction quality on an efficient cruise ship factory line. Our pool of instruments, consisting of laser scanners, total stations, photogrammetric systems and cameras, are used every day under harsh conditions in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Since 2009, we have added Leica Geosystems laser scanners to our hardware equipment for documentation needs, depending on their high accuracy, speed and rugged design. Along with Leica TruView panoramic scan visualisation software, we’ve been able to overcome daily challenges with positioning and monitoring of special components and provide exact as-built verifications of complex constructions. Providing approximately 8,000 panoramic photos a year of critical ship elements to our internal clients, we can clearly show surface analysis, geometric controls and fit checks in our efforts to detect deviations at the occurrence stage before prefabrication installations. We’ve also met more advanced standardisation requirements with 3D laser scanning, such as structure analysis, reverse engineering and volume determinations throughout the ship building process. In addition to geometric surveying for construction monitoring, the data provides documentation for warranty needs.

Recently, by automating our 3D laser scanning, we have been able to even improve both our efficiency and our quality of measurements with around-theclock capturing and monitoring of sections as they come together. Using multiple scans simultaneously day and night, we are gathering scan points to register, cut and fit into CAD models. With automated scan data analysis of the sections, every building part is inspected and our key performance indicators are strictly reviewed. We have realised significant cost and time savings since automating our process and our quality has improved even further.

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Story: SOS shipbuilding on scans
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Chapter 2: Versatile toolbox
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