This utility surveyor course aims to bring even the greenest novice to a point where they can comfortably take a utility survey from initial client specification all the way through to delivering a fully marked up map detailing what lies beneath. This will be done through a series of classroom and onsite modules, over a five day period.

With this course, we aim to train the market in the world’s first digitised utility survey workflow. By educating users in the best, most methodical approach to utility surveying using cutting edge detection, positioning and mapping technology, alongside powerful, intuitive software, Leica truly has created a world-first for the industry.

Increased sales of avoidance and mapping tools from CATs to GPR in recent years, have emphasised the need for a global training standard not only for users of the equipment but also for the people planning and carrying out the work.

With the introduction of this new course we can now confidently state that we will have utility surveying covered in terms of equipment, software and skills. We supply the whole package, giving our customers peace of mind at each stage of the workflow.

Who should attend?
Due to the tailored nature of the course, it suited to everyone - from complete utility novice all the way up to Surveyors looking to upskill and Utility Surveyor looking to increase their efficiency with new technology and processes.

The trainers
Our trainers have decades of experience in the utility surveying field and understand the intricacies and anomalies you can encounter during a survey. So from state of the art tracing equipment and ground penetrating radar to post-processing software, trainees will become familiar with and confident in all the industry technology and jargon.

Course modules
  • Relevance and market
  • The components of a utility survey
  • Surveying specifications
  • Understanding utility maps
  • Using a precision locator
  • Using GPR
  • Real life site survey - training site
  • Digital EML data capture
  • Data export, review and post processing

Our courses take place at our Detection Training Campus, Stoke-on-Trent. It is ideally situated in the centre of the country, close to all major transport links. If your organisation would like to train four or more people at the same time, we can bring the course to you.* Please send us an email or give us a call to find out more.

How to book
T: + 44 (0) 1782 384630

*dependent upon site conditions and suitability.

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