Leica GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition

The semi-automated campaign monitoring solution

Leica GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition: Semi-automated campaign monitoring | Leica Geosystems

Grow into semi-automated campaign monitoring

When the need for a higher frequency of repeated measurements makes manual monitoring too time consuming, the combination of Leica GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition with the Leica Captivate TPS Monitoring app enables you to grow into semi-automated campaign monitoring with the surveying equipment you already have. 

Make the most of your time, resources, and prior investment with a semi-automated solution that connects your Leica total station and monitoring software with cloud capabilities and real-time analysis and reporting.

Whether your project includes one sensor or a complex monitoring installation, GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition and the onboard Captivate TPS Monitoring app work together to semi-automate monitoring on any standard surveying project, including monitoring buildings, bridges, rail and roadways, dams, mines and more.

How does the solution work?

Leverage the hardware you already have and familiar Captivate software for automated data collection and calculations.

Surveyors often use manual methods for campaign monitoring measurements and processing, which can be inefficient, error-prone, and overly time-consuming depending on measurement frequency.  Providing an intuitive workflow and powerful suite of tools, the Captivate TPS Monitoring app increases measurement quality and efficiency while reducing errors and operational resources.

The Captivate TPS Monitoring app works with your Leica robotic total station to schedule automated setup and measurements of monitoring points, calculate and display displacements, perform quality checks, and issue notifications in case movements are outside defined limits. 

Collected and calculated data is immediately and seamlessly transferred via the cloud into your GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition project.

Do more with your deformation data in GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition.

With real-time visualisations and analysis, automated reporting, personalised dashboards, and secure on-the-go access, GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition makes your semi-automated monitoring system complete and actionable.

Connected and simplified workflow

Optimise your semi-automated monitoring workflow with the seamlessly connected Captivate TPS Monitoring app and GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition. Total station measurements, calculations, and instant notifications are completed with the Captivate TPS Monitoring app before data is automatically imported into GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition. Here you benefit from real-time visualisations on your personalised dashboard and automated, fully customisable reporting – all accessible wherever you are from your tablet or smartphone over a browser.

Real-time visualisation

Real-time measurement visualisations ensure you are up to date with the deformation data you need, wherever you are. GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition provides visualisations of calculated displacements on your customised dashboard as soon as data is imported from Captivate – so you immediately see and share the most relevant information. Visualise displacements on a map, select from a variety of chart types and raster or vector backgrounds, and create tables for automatically updated value tracking. Access your data securely in the field or any other location over any smart device without travelling back to the office for data processing, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

Personalised dashboards

With a range of visualisation customizations for calculated results, your personalized dashboard provides easy access to an overview of essential and up-to-date displacement data for your project. Customize what you see by selecting charts and graphs with different metrics, adding dataset layers, set thresholds values for different limit levels, and visualize critical deformation levels. With 16 templates, including timeline and vector graphs, scatter plots, bar charts, contour graphs, and more, you can see all the information you need in the visual package best suited to your project. Additionally, charts and maps are automatically updated each time new data is imported so that your custom dashboards are always current.

Customised and automated reporting

Save even more time with fully automated, customizable reports. GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition allows you to provide results with professionalism by creating reports from fully tailorable templates featuring your company branding. Automate these reports to be generated and sent at defined intervals to a designated list of recipients and be confident that your results are getting to the right stakeholders, at the right time.

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Flexible automatic deformation monitoring software solution.

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