Leica iCON site milling pilot

Exakt fräsdjup och ökad produktivitet genom omställning till digitaliserade lösningar vid nyläggning av asfalt.

Leica Geosystem iCON site automatisk differentialfräsning
Leica iCON site milling är det första steget mot digital GNSS-fräsning. Reglera fräsdjupet exakt och dra nytta av ökad produktivitet, högre precision och slätare ytor genom att ta farväl av konventionella metoder för nyläggning av asfalt. Nu behöver du inte längre oroa dig för bristande kvalitet vid fräsningsuppdrag på grund av otydliga eller uteblivna sprejmarkeringar. iCON site milling pilot beräknar skillnaden mellan den befintliga och den planerade ytan vid kallfräsens aktuella position. Dessutom beräknas börvärden vid uppskattade punkter framför den aktuella positionen. Med den automatiserade piloten för differentialfräsning behöver inga fräsvärden matas in manuellt.

Improved milling quality

Achieve a smoother base and avoid bumps by eliminating the “copying-effect” with Leica iCON site milling pilot. On the Leica iCON control panel, the software indicates a 2-step preview of set and cross slope values at predicted points, ahead of the current position. The theoretical calculation values of the cold planer’s current position then need to be entered into the machine’s levelling controller. The automated differential milling pilot takes away the need to enter the milling values manually. The automated milling pilot is available for all current compact and large Wirtgen cold planers with Level Pro, Level Pro Active and Level Pro+ interface.

Forget about spraymarks

The error-prone process of manually spraying milling depth values onto the asphalt is a thing of the past. Spraymarks implicate a high risk of being washed away by rain, being barely readable by the milling operator or being hidden by construction site machinery. Simply upload existing and design surface file into iCON site milling pilot and the software will show you the set values at predicted points ahead of the current position in a 2-step preview.

Increased productivity and flexibility

Avoiding over-cutting and subsequently over-paving saves time and money in the construction project. The exact determination and realization of the milling depth furthermore improves the jobsite planning. The Leica iCON site milling pilot supports two options of data models. Choose between comparing actual terrain model against terrain design or actual terrain against stringline design.

Leica iCON site

Leica iCON site software offers you smart and customised positioning solutions for road construction and civil engineering applications. Improve speed, performance and accuracy when you’re enabled to carry out all positioning related tasks with just one easy-to-use software solution

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