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Hello, nǐ hăo, salut, ciao, zdravo, hola. More than 50 different nationalities work at our sites in Switzerland. This diversity leads to a range of perspectives and arguments, and thus to more innovation and high productivity. Some of our employees tell us how they perceive diversity in our company. Watch the video to learn more.

Robert Rudnicki, Product Engineer

Born in Poland, Robert Rudnicki came to Switzerland for professional reasons. His passion for laser scanners and surveying solutions brought him to us.

"I studied geodesy and cartography. I was particularly interested in innovative measurement techniques such as TLS, LiDAR and photogrammetry. Both my engineering and master's thesis were based on terrestrial laser scanning. I always wanted to be involved in the development of these solutions rather than just using them. Leica Geosystem, part of Hexagon, has always been a company that puts a lot of emphasis on innovation in my eyes and is also one of the largest companies in the world in this industry. That's why I always wanted to work there in product management. I am glad that I am now part of the Hexagon family."

Stigwall Johan, Senior Engineer

Johan Stigwall works in Photonics at the Hexagon Technology Center, Hexagon's development center at the Swiss site in Heerbrugg.

"The best thing about working in our company is that we are at the interface between research and development. At this early stage of development, there is room for creative exploration, experimentation and technical immersion. Thanks to Hexagon's wide range of high-end products, there are always new and varied challenges. In the end, it's also very satisfying to see your own innovations translated into first-class devices by the product lines."

Women in Engineering

At our company, gender or background doesn't matter - anyone can be successful. Women are particularly important in technical roles, as they approach challenges differently from their male counterparts. We’re convinced that the interplay of diverse perspectives of men and women makes teams successful.Some of our female engineers tell us what it means to work for us. Watch the video.

Reto Metzler, R&D Director Electronics and Software

Reto Metzler has been working in the field of hardware and software for many years. He started as an electronics engineer and has been able to develop steadily. Today, he leads a team of several engineers and can fully develop in his role.

"Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, offers me the opportunity to develop products with the latest technologies in an international environment. And after work, I go out into nature after work - that's the perfect work-life balance for me."