Introducing the all-new, next generation Leica BLK360

Meet the all-new, next generation Leica BLK360! A supercharged imaging laser scanner, the new BLK360 captures a full-dome laser scan with spherical images in less than 20 seconds — five times faster than the original BLK360 G1. With 4 HDR cameras, it also includes VIS technology to combine separate scans automatically in the field — saving even more time on- and off-site. The new BLK360 is the best way to rapidly speed up your reality capture workflow, and it’s available now.


Major performance increase for airborne bathymetric surveys

The Leica Chiroptera-5 bathymetric LiDAR increases the depth penetration, point density and topographic sensitivity of the sensor compared to previous generations. The new sensor provides 40% higher point density, a 20% increase in water depth penetration and improved topographic sensitivity for generating more detailed hydrographic maps. The system delivers high-resolution LiDAR data supporting numerous applications such as nautical charting, coastal infrastructure planning, environmental monitoring as well as landslide and erosion risk assessments.


Substantial safety awareness solution enhancements

Heavy construction consistently ranks in the top three industries worldwide for serious injuries and fatalities. The enhanced safety awareness technology from Leica Geosystems is helping to prevent incidents on construction sites. The modular safety awareness solutions, the Leica PA10 and PA80, provide better visibility, greater feedback to operators and field personnel, minimising the risk of injuries, near-misses and site shut-downs. For construction sites, safety awareness is a sound investment, ensuring that everyone gets home safely.


We have you covered. Everywhere.

Exclusive to Leica Geosystems GS smart antenna and receiver users, the new HxGN SmartNet Global — including SmartNet Pro, SmartNet + and SmartNet PPP — combines Hexagon SmartNet services with several trusted regional and global reference station networks. To enable centimetre-level accuracy at unrivalled speeds everywhere in the world, it automatically selects the optimal correction service whether that is network RTK, RTK bridging or precise point positioning. Because of our NRTK solution, you can still benefit from HxGN SmartNet regardless of your smart antenna or receiver type.


The new Leica Pegasus TRK makes mobile mapping smart, autonomous and easy

The new Leica Pegasus TRK solution utilises artificial intelligence capabilities to transform mobile mapping. It is an advanced dynamic laser scanning and expandable imagery system for recording, measuring and visualising environments. The Pegasus TRK solution features an AI-enhanced camera and automatic camera calibration. To comply with privacy regulations, its AI can identify and blur identifiers, such as people and vehicles, in real time. The Pegasus TRK solution enables long-range mobile mapping for applications in asset management; road construction; rail and critical infrastructure; oil, gas and electricity industries and more. The system is also ideal for creating high-definition base maps for autonomous vehicles.

Shaping Sustainable Change

Driving profitable business value helps to ensures economic growth, but should never come at the expense of the planet or people. Hexagon’s new customer recognition program, Shaping Sustainable Change, recognises customers that are driving sustainable outcomes. Among the inaugural class of honourees are two customers of Hexagon’s Geosystems division: The Dutch company Knoop uses the iCON system to help its customers find the right location for anchoring solar panels that float above water. French company Accsys uses Hexagon solutions to capture and analyse buildings that will be demolished. The data helps assess what material can be recycled, thus reducing the need to extract natural resources for new buildings. Congratulations to all the winners!

AiMaps for fast detection of underground utilities

AiMaps for the utility sector offers intelligent cloud-processing of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data to provide clean uncluttered information for faster detection of underground utilities. The HxDR-based SaaS solution leverages artificial intelligence to reduce time and workload in radar data processing and interpretation.

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