What will be the next world wonder? Ask a surveyor

Consider the greatest human endeavours, the ancient and modern wonders of the world: Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Wall of China, Chichen Itza, Mt. Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Chunnel, to name just a few. The unsung heroes of these marvels are surveyors. Although they are often overlooked, surveyors have always been a critical piece of every structure in the built environment.

While the earliest surveyors relied on ropes, water levels and astronomy for measurement and positioning, today’s professionals use total stations, GNSS, laser scanning, autonomous systems, advanced software, artificial intelligence and edge computing. They are known by many titles, including geomatics engineers, geometricians, geospatial scientists, geospatial professionals. The technology and nomenclature have changed, but the need for professionals who understand both the art and the science of surveying and who exemplify the discipline has never been more critical.

Today, the biggest challenge we all face is protecting the planet. The next wonders are not just physical constructions; they are massive projects to construct data-driven models of the world that will empower us to solve our most urgent environmental crises. We call them Smart Digital Realities. Surveyors are essential in these endeavours.

The Dam that holds back carbon emissions

To create a world that is free from the bonds of human-caused climate change, we must effectively manage carbon dioxide and eliminate toxic waste. Achieving this goal requires efficient factories that go beyond digital twins to embrace a Smart Digital Reality — intelligent systems that reduce or eliminate human intervention. Geospatial data is fundamental to unlocking more applications from digital twin ecosystems, and surveyors hold the keys to understanding the needs as well as capturing and applying this data correctly.

We also need renewable energy parks, modernised power grids and well-managed green spaces. Geospatial professionals capture, create and manage the data sets to build a Smart Digital Reality for everything from construction projects and mining sites to sustainable communities.

The road to autonomy

Autonomous systems increase safety and efficiency and free workers to focus on more creative tasks. These systems learn from the real world to understand what was and what is, and to see what could be, what should be and what will be. By harnessing the power of autonomy in sensors, systems and software, surveyors quickly and safely gather highly intelligent geospatial data that will be used to map the metaverse and set the stage for a world that efficiently and effectively runs itself.

The bridge that connects our data to knowledge

To make more informed decisions and better serve our future, we need knowledge based on accurate data collected with an eye to the future. Surveyor with their problem-solving expertise and the help of autonomy, machine intelligence and edge computing, can provide a complete line-of-sight to ever-changing situations for more insight and effective collaboration as we map the best path forward.

The runway to sustainability

For our planet to continue to host and sustain life, we need a comprehensive understanding of how every natural and human-influenced action affects humanity and the world around us. Geospatial professionals gather real-world information and measurements, and apply domain knowledge to sustainably design, build or maintain the structures that shape our world.

Building the next wonders

For more than 200 years, Hexagon has enabled the evolution of the geospatial industry, and we remain fully dedicated to providing autonomous, connected solutions that empower geospatial professionals to build a new legacy. Believing in the future of surveying, we as geospatial enthusiasts aspire to be role models, leading by example and demonstrating what can be done.

Today’s surveyors are much more than expert measurers who determine property boundaries. They are the pioneers, explorers, and thinkers who will solve some of our biggest problems and harness the data that is required to change our world for the better.

Together, we can spread awareness, generate enthusiasm, and share the passion and purpose that will inspire a new generation to build the world’s next wonders.

Watch the HxGN LIVE Global 2022 keynote by Thomas Harring, President at Hexagon's Geosystems division, and Craig Martin, President North America, at Hexagon's Geosystems division:


HxGN LIVE Pure Surveying Keynote

Watch as President of Hexagon's Geosystems division, Thomas Harring and Craig Martin, President of Hexagon’s...

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