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During my recent travels I’ve been struck by how much road construction is going on in each place. This led me to thinking about the challenges construction professionals face daily. There is constant pressure on heavy construction companies to become more efficient, and many of them are finding efficiency gains through digitisation. In Reporter 82, we share the stories of heavy construction pro-fessionals who are making the leap to digital construction and not looking back. 

When operators are guided by innovations of precision, there is increased time savings and decreased rework. The professionals at BetonblastHæhre are realising these benefits as they work on two large projects for the Norwegian Public Road Administration. With more than 300 of its construction machines outfitted with machine control solutions, BetonblastHæhre’s operators are able to dig, excavate and drill to precise depths with complete confidence. Back in the office, engineers use the latest Geosystems construction software to directly communicate with the machines and ensure all operators are working with the most current information.  

In heavy construction projects, safety is an utmost concern. When information about deformation or local disturbances is supplied in real time, construction professionals can make better informed choices and avoid possible disasters. When Tritech Engineering & Testing (S) Pte Ltd was contracted to monitor a 2-kilometre road surface above tunnels during a major railway construction project of the Singapore Land Transport Authority, the firm developed an Automatic Road Monitoring System (ARMS) using Geosystems monitoring solutions. The ARMS was able to wirelessly deliver critical information, resulting in not only a safer project but also significant cost savings overall.     

We all know a flat surface provides the best ride for automobiles. So, when new self-driving vehicles are tested, the track needs to be as smooth as possible to test for cornering grip friction and over-turning stability. At the Zalaegerszeg Automotive Proving Ground in Hungary, Geosystems laser scanning technology is used by Hírös Geo Kft to provide paving quality assurance. The land surveying, engineering and utility geodesy company was able to provide 3D point clouds of the track, ensuring the top base slab of asphalt deviated only within millimetres of the planned design. At 3.45 billion measured points captured, the experts optimised their workflows and reduced the required time and costs.

When heavy construction professionals digitise operations, efficiencies are found across the entire life cycle of a project – from design to maintenance. We are honoured to work with the heavy construction industry, helping professionals realise these gains in cost and time savings and increased safety. 
Enjoy your read. 



Juergen Dold
President, Hexagon Geosystems

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