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Revista para clientes – diciembre 2018

President’s Message

At Hexagon, we centre on digital solutions that create Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACE), a state where data is connected seamlessly through the convergence of the physical world with the digital, and intelligence is built-in to all processes. The power of an ACE is the ability to adapt to changing needs, enabling organisations to self-optimise performance, autonomously running entire processes by learning form new conditions in real or near real-time.  

The foundation for an ACE is a smart digital reality - a fully immersive, contextual, digital experience where 3D digital twins are augmented with real-time applications to become 4D. This edition of Reporter explores what it means to operate in a smart digital reality.   

When constructing massive ships, updates made underway and in real-time decrease the amount of time spent in dry dock. With the help of NautiSCAN3D, a company specialising in 3D modelling and measurements, a passenger cruise liner crossing the Bay of Biscay was scanned and processed with Geosystems laser scanners and software to help architects check for production clashes and plan retrofit of the scrubber system. All needed data was collected in only five hours and processed within two days, saving time and eliminating surprises during the next dry dock.

In a rail environment, knowing what lies beneath the tracks increases safety and efficiency. With a smart digital reality, potential hazards underground become just as visible as those above ground. Fischerscan, a service provider of non-destructive testing for building structures and location and positioning of underground pipelines and supply lines, used Geosystems ground penetrating radar (GPR) hardware and software to identify hazards, such as World War II ammunitions, under the rail tracks of Niederhalden’s train station in Germany. Checking the data in real-time in more than 30 locations, the task was completed in just two days.

Heavy construction road projects typically follow a prescribed process – earthworks, to curb and gutter, to paving. When Aclagro, a company specialising in infrastructure construction, was contract-ed for a road ramp building project in Belgium, it decided to automate its concrete slipform paving machine with Geosystems machine control technology. With the project data inputted and real-time sharing of machine-to-machine information enabled, the contractors were able to complete millimetre-accurate construction while reducing time on site.  
We hope you enjoy reading about these and other examples of how businesses are leveraging Smart digital realities to fuel unlimited possibilities for growth.  
Thanks for your time.



Juergen Dold
President, Hexagon Geosystems

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Customers across the globe solving complex daily challenges using Leica Geosystems equipment


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Around the world

Customers across the globe solving complex daily challenges using Leica Geosystems equipment
Customers across the globe solving complex daily challenges using Leica Geosystems equipment

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