Miguel Gomez - Turning ideas into action

Manager of the Software Development Centre at Leica Geosystems

Miguel Gomez, manager of the Software Development Centre at Leica Geosystems, works closely with his team in Madrid adapting total station and GNSS onboard software for specific customer workflows to add extra value to customers’ existing Leica Geosystems solutions. 

Miguel turned an innovative idea into a solution that addresses real-life problems from the field – the Inspect Surface app used with the Leica Captivate software. 

When the Leica MS60 MultiStation integrated mergeTEC, the industry-leading way to combine measuring technologies, it became able to scan with the accuracy of a high precision total station. This new technology opened the door to new ideas for Miguel. He asked himself if users could make faster decisions while still in-the-field by utilising this new 3D point cloud information. This idea lead to developing an app that put to use the measuring precision and visualisation of the data collected with Captivate while still on location.

"The idea was really logical. Every night on TV we see on the news a colour map showing the weather. We make our decisions of what to do on the weekend just by looking at this the map for only a few seconds,” says Miguel. “From the beginning we saw a high potential in the Inspect Surfaces application because it provides a solution that nobody had on the market.”

The Inspect Surface app has enabled amazing costs and time savings for customers. Customers no longer needed to return to the office to upload their data in post processing software. Now a comparison of data can be made in real time and on site. Users can save on the amount of materials needed or even make quality As-Built checks, enabling more efficient and productive customer workflows.

Miguel and his colleagues at the European Software Development Centre (SWDC) in Madrid create bespoke apps for both Leica Captivate and SmartWorx Viva so workflows are smoother for Leica Geosystems users.  Working relentlessly to develop new approaches for old problems that result into tailored solutions to customers’ measurement challenges is one face of shaping smart change. 



Miguel Gomez


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