Heavy Construction

Building interoperable, autonomous jobsites with the latest ISO standards for the construction industry

Leica Geosystems alongside other industry leaders, played a key role in developing ISO standards enabling seamless integration of diverse tools and solutions.

Route 5 Project: Incoci’s Path to Digitalisation

Explore how Incoci, a Uruguayan-based construction company, revolutionised its workflows on the Route 5 national road project.

Women Pioneering in Heavy Construction

Let's celebrate the evolving role of women in heavy construction, highlighting their contributions and the transformative impact of digital technology.

Machine control enables precise gravel removal and supports the circular economy

Discover how KIBAG uses 3D machine control to operate gravel pits efficiently and safely and then recultivate them into a near-natural environment.

Dirt.Simple.Construction with Leica Geosystems’ 3D machine control solution on Caterpillar NGH 2D Excavators

Schleiss AG, a Swiss contractor specialising in dismantling and
earthmoving, has been in the construction business for over 30 years and
has always been committed to staying at the forefront of technological
advancements to provide the best service to its customers.

Paving roads of the future with 3D Machine Control

In the realm of modern construction, innovation is the cornerstone of progress.

Building Excellence with Innovation: The INCOCI Journey

Join us in the evolution of excellence—where technology meets human ingenuity, and innovation paves the way.

Rob Morris Groundworks - The Adoption of Agtek and Leica Geosystems

Rob Morris Groundworks - The Adoption of Agtek and Leica Geosystems

Rob Morris, Director of the Construction Hub and his team, tell their story on adopting new technology from Agtek and Leica Geosystems. With a vision to develop and move forward, the organisation has embraced both software and hardware that work together and allow RMG to gain efficiencies, the best outcomes and the confidence to target much larger projects and build relationships for the long term.

Dennis Larsson working with dual TPS and skid steer in Bålsta

Working indoor with machine control guided by two total stations from Leica Geosystems

Kanonaden using the new dual TPS configuration for high accuracy indoor excavating.

Construction company Benny Andersen uses many products from Leica Geosystems

20 years of cooperation between the company Benny Andersen and Leica Geosystems has built a solid customer-supplier relationship

Construction company Benny Andersen uses a big variety of products from Leica Geosystems to ensure quality results. 20 years of cooperation has built a solid customer-supplier relationship based on trust and personal relations.

Strøjer Tegl using 2D machine control for Dozer solutions

2D machine control used for brick production

Strøjer Tegl uses 2D machine control in the modern production of bricks. 2D machine control for dozer is used because of the need for storage of clay both indoor and outdoor.

Jonas Kilsgard in front of the Huddig backhoe with machine control from Leica Geosystems

Using 3D machine control on backhoes

Leica Geosystems now offers 3D machine control for Huddig backhoes with swing boom. Learn more about how Jonas Kilsgaard and Max Bjørklund from the Swedish construction company use machine control on their Huddig 1260 C backhoe machine.

How laser scanning is changing the way FAM Construction (Ferrovial – Allan Myers) collects site information on their roadway projects

Beyond 3D machine control: An integrated piling solution

Learn how the seamless integration of machine control technology, precise location data, a flexible gps rover and easy collaboration with the office crews through the cloud makes the daily job of Birchmeier Spezialtiefbau AG easier, quicker and more productive.

Supplier of machine control to Nordby Maskin

Cooperation between Nordby Maskin and Leica Geosystems: win-win for all

Leica Geosystems offers a wide product portfolio and machine control solutions for all the heavy construction machines that Nordby Maskin needs.

Kobelco SK220 excavator with semi-automatic functionality

Combining machine control and a skilled operator to help archaeology

Learn how Thomas Petersen uses machine control for archaeological excavations on sites that date back to the Roman Iron Age.

3D or nothing

Learn how the team at 3D Concrete Solutions maximise their productivity of your concrete slipform machine with 3D machine control solution in Florida, USA.

The combination of surveying and machine control technology helps Ängö Entreprenad to be on time, on specs and on budget

Learn how Ängö Entreprenad using multiple measuring, positioning and guiding solutions to increase their efficiency on a house building project in Sweden.


Full control of the surveying job with Leica iCON soil compaction solution

Learn how Fredrik Larsson takes control of his surveying job and has complete overview of the various stages of the compaction project, sees all values and works with the data in real-time on a highway project in Sweden.

Machine control makes the life of machine operators easier

Learn how Taxus AB benefits from the wide range of connected products and services from Hexagon’s Heavy Construction Solutions portfolio in Sweden.

Working smarter and more efficient with machine control technology

Learn why Lerbergs Entreprenad chooses Leica Geosystems and benefits from the advanced technology and the remote support of experts in Sweden.

Precisely milled substrate as a basis for safe, durable streets

When it comes to constructing roads, LEONHARD WEISS GmbH & Co. KG relies on GNSS-supported controls for milling operations

Machine control helps protect Singapore against rising sea levels

Adopting complete digital solutions from hardware to software helps to complete the most challenging marine construction projects in Singapore.

Dirt Simple Paving – From String Lines to Complete 3D Machine Control Solution

3D machine control paving solution helps contractor finish a 12-month airfield project within six months in the United Arab Emirates.

Leica Geosystems prepares for the 24th Winter Olympics in China 2022

Equipping snow groomers with machine control solution to prepare the ski courses for the Winter Olympics in China.

Deep stabilisation with cast-in-situ piling

New Liebherr-integrated piling machine control solution supports deep stabilisation of a new factory in Aalen, Germany.

Drilling in Norway with 3D Rig Solution

3D machine control solution for rig applications enables operators to work more efficiently and from a safe distance in Norway.

An invitation into the Piling Rig Cabin of Henrik Bergman

Piling rig operator Henrik Bergman describes his working experiences with machine control for piling rigs in Sweden.

Saving Time and Working Independently With New Piling Solution

New machine control solution empowers a Danish piler team to work independently from their headquarter on a construction project in Berlin, Germany.

How do ski resorts prepare for the next skiing season

Preparing for the next skiing season with 3D snow depth measurement in Sweden

Beyond Reality. Digital Reality’s Next Frontier

Hexagon’s Geosystems Division President Juergen Dold presented ideas and case studies where the entire planet can be digitised at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, USA

Driving productivity with smart drilling at Hinkley Point C

Increasing productivity at Hinkley Point C construction site in the United Kingdom with machine control for geotechnical drilling

Digitising the construction site from the air

Leica Geosystems UAV technology brings the construction site into the digital age and turns data into intelligent information to improve decisionmaking processes

Building a fast track between Germany and Denmark

Preparing the way for one of the world’s largest tunnels with machine control solutions

Snow grooming for world cups

Creating the piste for the World Cup in ski cross and speed skiing in Idre Fjäll, Sweden using Leica iCON alpine snow management solution

Building roads in Belgium with 3D stringless paving

3D stringless paving for building a road ramp up to a bridge in Belgium

Gotthard Tunnel - Leica Geosystems Heavy Construction Solutions

Meeting in the Middle

Gotthard Base Tunnel opens with Leica Geosystems solutions.

Moving a capital city forward

Moving a capital city forward

Several measurement solutions come together in Saudi Arabia.

Connecting continents

Connecting continents

Aligning a massive bridge in Turkey with the MultiStation.

An airport to sustain lives

An airport to sustain lives

Smooth paving with PaveSmart for St. Helena's first airport.

Minimising environmental footprint by saving time and rework using machine control

Combining machine control with the latest and greenest hybrid machine technology in the Faroe Islands

Case Studies

Read how customers from around the world are putting our diverse solutions into action to shape smart change.
Read how customers from around the world are putting our diverse solutions into action to shape smart change.