Sweet success in plant documentation

Chapter 2: Efficient, accurate data capture

Sweet success in plant documentation

Efficient, accurate data capture

Schanbeck wanted to ensure the laser scanned model would provide the level of detail required and would be easy to manipulate. So 3D Imaging Services conducted a pilot project that involved laser scanning for a process equipment retrofit using the ScanStation P40 and creating an as-built model of it. This test application showed that laser scanning was the most efficient, accurate method of capturing the complex conditions of the sugar processing facility.

James explains the firm chose the ScanStation P40 because of the need to obtain accurate, comprehensive data and transform it into the required as-built model rapidly. By recording everything within its line of sight at a rate of up to 1 million points per second and producing a point cloud, this laser scanner empowered a crew of two to document the plant in one day. In that time, they were able to capture the data from 65 scan positions. James explains, “One person could have physically accomplished the job, but we used two to ensure safety.”

Also, the ability of the ScanStation P40 to put data into a coordinate system saved time and money because there was no need for a separate crew to carry survey control into the plant from the elevation reference point outside. After the team had established that reference and other reference points throughout the factory, it was easily able to tie the point cloud data to them. Finally, workflows from the scanner to Leica Cyclone software were seamless, enabling 3D Imaging Services to register the required elements of the model efficiently and accurately.

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Story: Sweet success in plant documentation
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Chapter 2: Efficient, accurate data capture
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