Embracing new technologies at Hinkley Point C

Video feature

Author: Monica Miller Rodgers

Millennials and the generations following may sometimes be criticised for any number of characteristics, from self-entitlement to overly sensitive, but one telltale trait is these younger people’s ability to quickly adopt new technologies. Not only adopting the latest in digital solutions, Millennials, and even Centennials as they are starting to join the workforce, are comfortable with changing innovation.

One such construction site where this digital transformation among the younger generation is on full display is the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom. An enormous project, the construction represents an investment of around 19.6 billion British pounds.

Watch as Andrew Hurley, Hexagon’s Geosystems Division global commercial director, discusses just how the next generation of surveying and geospatial professionals at Hinkley Point C are working with the latest total stations, GNSS, mobile mapping, UAV and laser scanning solutions.

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