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5 Amazingly Simple Workflows to turn Point Clouds into Deliverables

Get tips on how to turn point clouds into deliverables with simple workflows.

machine control
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5 Ways to Increase Accuracy and Productivity Using Machine Control on a Job Site

Discover how using machine control can improve accuracy and productivity while providing flexibility and confidence to operators in large construction sites. 

improve business processes and performance
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Advancing your digital construction transformation journey

Improve business processes and performance

Leica Cloudworx 800x428
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Better deliverables, faster. Discover Leica CloudWorx and see what's new, what's coming and what you're missing

Find out how to create professional deliverables from reality capture data. 

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Bring your site to the office with the Leica ConX cloud platform

Join Heavy Construction segment managers Owen Williams and Dmitry Lykov for a free-to-attend on-demand webinar, where they will demonstrate how companies who embrace Leica ConX can minimise operator downtime with remote real-time communication between office and machine for troubleshooting, on-the-fly training and setup without travel costs and delays.


digital twin
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Creating Digital Twins at High Speed

Learn how mobile mapping technologies enable regular 3D capture and digitisation of changing environments. 

cyclone 3dr
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Cyclone 3DR- What's New?

In this webinar, we will demonstrate the latest features integrated into Leica Cyclone 3DR.

digitise construction workflow
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Digitise Construction Workflows for Better Quality and Improved Efficiency

Discover the benefits of adopting Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) to optimise construction workflows from start to finish.  

digitising crime scene
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Digitising Crime Scenes For Better Visibility And Analysis

Discover how combining pin-point accurate laser scanning with high definition visualisation tools with 3D reality capture can improve understanding and documentation of crime scenes.

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Discover the new FLX100, the simple way to capture location data

Discover how to capture spatial data in a simple and flexible way. 

BLK2GO 800x428
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Document Spaces into 3D Point Clouds

Watch this on demand webinar as our presenter shows how he used real life data to digitally recreate spaces in 3D as you move, with the BLK2GO handheld imaging laser scanner.

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GNSS Interference: Impact, detection and mitigation

Discover how to detect and mitigate RF interference

gpr for everyone
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GPR for Everyone: Breakthrough for GPR Visualisation

Learn how detecting underground features can be a simple and efficient task using the latest technology.

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Grow your business with GS18 I

Join JTRS Registered Surveyor as he shares how the GS18 I capabilities impact productivity, efficiency and ROI in surveying.

Improve your survey skills with Leica Geosystems
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Grow your business with the latest GNSS technology

Join us as we show the latest innovations in GNSS technology and supporting software that can benefit your business in a variety of ways. 

The best total station for every job
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Grow your business with the latest Total Station technology

Find out how you can benefit your business from the latest innovations in total station technology and supporting software from Leica Geosystems.

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How Digital Twins are improving efficiency in Plant, Power and Marine environments

Join us in this webinar to learn how digital transformation is improving efficiency and increasing safety in PPM environments. 

Measure what you see
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Imagine the power of visual positioning.

Find out what to expect from our latest survey-grade GNSS RTK rover and how with Visual Positioning changes the game for surveyors.

max tech investment
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Maximise your Technology Investment with a MultiStation

Join us in this FREE webinar to find out how investing in a versatile MultiStation solution like the Leica Nova MS60 provides fast, high-accuracy total station and GNSS surveying with laser scanning capabilities to create compelling deliverables for your clients.

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Measuring your Instrument Height with a Simple Button Press

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can speed things up and avoid typical errors with AutoHeight.

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No base No CORS station- How to Use GNSS Receivers

Learn how to use the GNSS Receiver in remote areas with no base station nor CORS stations. 

peek into mobile mapping
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Peek into the Mobile Mapping Workflow

Join our mobile mapping expert in this free-to-attend webinar to discover how Leica’s innovative mobile sensor platform can deliver significant benefits to users and asset owners.

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Perfect your construction workflow with iCON Site

Join our experts as we share how you can take the guesswork out of your project with highly professional workflows.

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Remote Inspection with Leica and Autodesk

Explore the workflow of performing remote inspection to keep projects on track. 

speed is the name of the game
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Speed is the Name of the Game

Find out how the GNSS RTK rover helps to make pole levelling hassle free, by enabling you to measure hard to reach points and corners with accuracy.  

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The New Leica Nova MS60 Taking the MultiStation to the Next Level

Discover how the new Leica Nova MS60 increases efficiency under challenging environmental conditions and enables direct georeferencing with GNSS connectivity.

Unleashing the power of geospatial technologies
Live webinar

Unleashing the power of geospatial technologies for surveyors of the future

Discover how digital imagery and mass data acquisition are transforming the way you work today and in the future. With our positioning, measurement and reality capture technologies, learn how you can significantly improve the way survey data is collected, processed, visualised and shared.


Thumbnail BLK3D
On-demand Webinar

Using the Leica BLK3D to assist with facility management and operations

Learn how you can take a photo and start measuring assets contained within it, making documentation of your facilities a simple process.