Leica JetStream Viewer - Light-Weight Viewer for Big Data

Unlimited points, in the office or on the go

Leica JetStream Viewer HDS point cloud software

Leica JetStream Viewer is the perfect complement to JetStream Enterprise or stand-alone solution for those seeking a light-weight point cloud viewing tool. JetStream Viewer harnesses the same ultra-high-speed rendering as JetStream Enterprise so that anyone within your project ecosystem can have access to your JetStream projects for navigation and visualisation without using a functional JetStream Connector license that your productive CloudWorx users depend on.

JetStream Viewer is available in three unique configurations to meet any need:

JetStream Viewer - Connected
A locally installed, stand-alone viewer that lets you harness all the power of your JetStream license without taking up a productive seat used by a Leica CloudWorx plugin. Perfect for project managers who need to access their team’s data hosted on a JetStream Enterprise server quickly and in high fidelity to review progress, take measurements or record client videos. A network-connected JetStream Viewer allows you to access all of your project metadata such as UCS’ and Limit Boxes.

JetStream Viewer - Disconnected
A locally installed, stand-alone viewer that lets you view locally stored JetStream native data files created by your team. Take advantage of most of the Viewer’s capabilities including measurement, navigation and video creation. Perfect for a long-term client who wants to view progress or have constant but light weight access to their point clouds or a remote colleague who performs limited work with point cloud data.

JetStream Viewer - Portable
A free, no-install viewer that can be packaged on a thumb drive and run from any PC, no network or Wi-Fi access required. Leverage most of the Viewer’s capabilities in a go-anywhere package that can be navigated by even the most inexperienced point cloud user. Perfect for sharing data with organisations with IT hurdles for new software or as a marketing tool for prospective customers. The shareable JetStream Viewer JSV or LGS files can be written from a licensed JetStream Enterprise server OR from Cyclone or Cyclone REGISTER 360 with the correct Cyclone PUBLISHER license.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ultra-high-speed rendering of your point cloud data to instantly open and display an unlimited number of points all the time as you navigate your data set
  • Optional JetStream Enterprise or LGS data sources
  • Connected, disconnected or portable versions provide you total flexibility in accessing and sharing digital reality data
  • JetStream Viewer portable is the perfect way to leave behind an impressive product with a client or prospective customer
  • No license is occupied during use so your CAD specialists can continue their work uninterrupted
  • Intuitive navigation controls allow unexperienced users to experience point cloud data without training
  • Measurement and visualisation tools allow you to conduct simple project management tasks or create marketing materials such as fly-through animations
  • Saved limit boxes and user coordinate systems when connected to the JetStream Enterprise server
  • Support for BLK360 native HDR imagery via simple slider function
  • Full support for Layers, Tags and Assets published from Leica Cyclone or Leica Cyclone Register 360

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