Turning data into knowledge with Jigsaw

Chapter 3: Data analysis for increased safety

Data analysis for increased safety

Applying diagnostics information together with production events provides vital insight. This is where detailed historical information from the FMS on operators’ working hours, cycle times and travelling speeds is extremely valuable. With high sample rate GPS data, actual speeds and equipment orientation can be determined before and after an incident. When played back, the equipment path and activity can be reviewed.

“Accidents on the mine site are the last thing anyone wants, but when they do happen, it is important to analyse what was happening in the lead up to the event,” said Boak. “Jmineops combined with Jhealth and use of conditional virtual alarms, operational sensor context and snapshots, made it possible to determine use of brakes, gear selection and engine throttle position, giving you a black-box-type analysis around many situations.”

Data from Jmineops’ general equipment time use and availability can also be analysed to identify areas of improvement in planning. This allows for transparent decisions by management, shift supervisors and maintenance crews concerning equipment use, rotation and requirements throughout operations. Tracking these details to reduce idle time, fuel burn, engine hours, tire wear and other metrics increases efficiency and saves time and money.

Besides maintaining a consistent material feed to the mill through shovel and truck production, other critical operations benefit from FMS and BI. Drill and blast (D&B) can directly affect production as well as haul road maintenance, construction and material stockpile supervision.

“D&B is a critical path in most mining environments,” said Boak. “Every day we had drills out there drilling holes, and the supervisor needed to know this process is on track, details on progress for the drilling of a pattern, accuracy in hole positioning and depth control, and even consumable wear. When the blast occurs, fragmentation distribution is critical and the entire D&B process leads to the material removal and crushing. Tools like this make that information a lot easier for supervisors to see.”

Using telematics and FMS integration, blasthole drills can position to survey drill patterns without marking and supervisors can monitor accuracy and progression from any location.

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Download your own "Reporter 75" as a PDF file.

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