Leica PAV200 Gyro-Stabilised Sensor Mount

Experience more flexibility and improved performance for sensor installation and flight operation

Precise sensor stabilisation is essential to capture good image quality during the flight. For imaging sensors, it means obtaining the sharpest possible images, regardless of aircraft motion, and for LiDAR sensors, it means maintaining maximum consistency in along-track point spacing, even with turbulence-induced aircraft pitching.

Accurate roll and drift compensation allow for smaller margins when planning side overlaps, resulting in fewer flight lines to cover the area of interest. The Leica PAV200 provides the optimal mount for the latest Leica Geosystems airborne systems without compromising stabilisation performance. The Leica PAV200 uses existing aircraft and sensor system interfaces, maximising flexibility and minimising training costs. The lower profile allows for increased compensation range in challenging installations, and the lighter weight of the Leica PAV200 enables longer missions.

Maximum performance

  • Adaptive control algorithm automatically optimises response for various systems and conditions
  • Outstanding drift compensation makes lines easier to fly in challenging crosswind conditions
  • More accurate and advanced dynamic compensation during data collection
  • Longer missions with a lighter mount

More flexibility

  • Lower profile allows for increased compensation range in challenging installations
  • Mounting hole access from above, making the installation process simple and more flexible
  • Installation in more aircraft types are possible with the flexible forward and reverse installations
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Airborne sensor software solution.

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